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Below are photos of some Renovations, Etc., remodeling projects. The first is a restaurant renovation in Prairie Village. Below that are the simple remodels of  employee restrooms in Lenexa, Kansas, and Olathe, Kansas, Then we show progress photos of the installation of an elevator in a church in Kearney, Missouri.

We also do other types of light commercial remodels in the Kansas City areafor example, tenant finishes, leasehold improvements, retail remodeling, and office renovations.

If you're in charge of a business remodeling project and would like a quote from an experienced general contractor, give us a call. (Or you can click here to request a quote.)
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In Kansas: Kansas City, Leawood, Lenexa, Merriam, Mission, Olathe, Overland Park, Prairie Village, Roeland Park, Shawnee, Stanley.
Dining Area (View 1)Dining Area (View 2)Dining Area (View 3)Dining Area (View 4)Bar Area
Restaurant Remodel - Prairie Village, KS        (Click any photo to enlarge)
Dining Area (View 1)
Dining Area (View 2)
Dining Area (View 3)
Dining Area (View 4)
Bar Area
Remodel of Men's Restroom in Warehouse - Lenexa, KS        (Click any photo to enlarge)
BEFORE - VanityAFTER - Vanity (View 1)AFTER - Vanity (View 2)BEFORE - ToiletsAFTER - Toilets
BEFORE - Vanity
Lenexa, KS
AFTER - Vanity (View 1)
Lenexa, KS
AFTER - Vanity (View 2)
Lenexa, KS
BEFORE - Toilets
Lenexa, KS
AFTER - Toilets
Lenexa, KS
Installation of Elevator in a Church - Kearney, MO       (Click any photo to enlarge)
Elevator Shaft - IN PROGRESSElevator Doors - IN PROGRESSElevator door and operating panel - COMPLETE
Elevator Shaft - IN PROGRESS
Elevator Doors - IN PROGRESS
Elevator door and operating panel - COMPLETE
BEFORE - Toilet stallsBEFORE - UrinalsAFTER - Toilet stalls and urinals
BEFORE - SinksAFTER - Multi-User SinkAFTER - Sink area
BEFORE - Toilet stalls
Olathe, KS
BEFORE - Urinals
Olathe, KS
AFTER - Toilet stalls and urinals
BEFORE - Sinks
Olathe, KS
AFTER - Multi-User Sink
Olathe, KS
AFTER - Sink area
Remodel of Men's Restroom in Warehouse - Olathe, KS        (Click any photo to enlarge)
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